Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World With Prices



Shoes are an essential thing in any person’s life. Mostly we judge people by the pair of shoes they are wearing. When the shoes were invented, it was to protect the human feet and provide comfort to human feet. But as time passes, the concept change now mostly shoes is a symbol of luxury. Different brands have different styles of luxurious shoes with expensive price tags. One reason that Designers shoes are costly because of their valuable material. Pair of sensual shoes price thousand of the dollar. Expensive materials, diamonds, and luxury shoe brands multiplied by hundreds of hours of painstaking handwork make this shoe incredibly valuable. We have made a list of the top ten most expensive shoes in the world, and I am sure that prices will blow your mind.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World With Prices

10. Platinum Guild Stilettos – USD 1.09 million

Beautiful pair of shoes made with platinum guild strip. Stilettos styled from platinum fabric and adorned with a whopping 464 diamonds supplied by jeweler Kwiat. The round and pear-shaped diamonds designed to be removable so they could also be worn as jewelry. These diamond are enhancing the beauty of stilettos. Its price 1.09 million USD. This pair of shoes are for luxurious and beautiful feet. Platinum Guild Stilettos came on number ten in the list of top ten most expensive shoes in the world

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

9. Ruby Stilettos – USD 1.6 million

A beautiful pair of Ruby stilettos by Stuart Weitzman looks very elegant. An elegant pair of the shoe sole made of red satin. On the strap of shoes, there is a 1 pound 600 rubies. These 600 rubies are glittering the red stilettos. Red shoes that look like princess shoes have price 1.6 million.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

8. Jason Arasheben Custom – USD 2 million

If I say this shoe made of diamonds and white gold, then I am not wrong. Jason shoes known as nick cannon shoes because he wears this pair of shoes on American got talent season finale. More than 1400 round diamond place on white gold. The diamonds are also placed in white gold on a Tom Ford sole. These colorless diamonds are making this pair of shoes all glittery. the shoes have taken over 2,000 hours of labor to complete.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

7. Tanzanite Heels – USD 2 million

One of my favorite pairs of shoes made with elegant blue tanzanite gemstones. Stuart Weitzman designs a beautiful pair of shoes. Silver color heels with 184-carat gemstone are enhancing the beauty of this pair. Blue tanzanite gemstones along with 28-carat Tanzanite that made this pair of shoes more appealing for customers. A beautiful pair of silver shoes with blue tanzanite gemstones caught everyone’s eye; its cost is 2 million USD.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

6. Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers – USD 2 million

Another elegant pair of shoes made by Stuart Weitzman. It is one of another expensive pair of shoes from Stuart Weitzman collection costly 2 million USD. In platinum setting at laces, 565 Kwiat diamonds placed, which are helping to enhance the beauty of shoes. Colorless diamonds with one big 5-carat amaretto diamond making these shoes more elegant. It made of Italian leather.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

5. Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels – USD 3 million

Most classy shoes in the list of most expensive shoes are Stuart Weitzman Hayworth heels Classy color with diamond, rubies, and shippers enhancing its beauty. It is the most pretty and classy shoes that the brand has an offer. Its price is 3 million USD. The open-toed heels made of rust-colored satin and adorned with rubies, sapphires, and diamonds nestled in a satin ruffle at the toe. Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, Rita Hayworth’s daughter, owned this beautiful pair of shoes.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

4. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers – USD 3 million

In 1989 Henry Winston designed this beautiful red pair of shoes. This glittery pair of the shoe designed by using expensive jewelry and take two months to complete this pair of shoes. On the 50th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz, this pair of shoes are tributes to wizard of oz. These gorgeous pair of slipper has 4,600 rubies of 1,350 carats, and also has 50 carats of diamonds.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

3. The Bye-Bye Bush Shoe – USD 10 million

This shoe has a story every 19s kid knows about these shoes. On 14 December 2008, an Iraqi journalist throws shoes toward George bush, and afterward, this becomes very famous. After this incident, this shoemaker receives large orders, and 300000 pairs of similar shoes were sold out. Saudi Arabia business wants to buy these shoes and offered 10 million dollars to buy this. Throughout the middle east, there wear calls to place shoes in an Iraqi museum. The Baydan Shoe Company manufactured that shoe in Istanbul. Later on, this Ducati Model 271 shoes was renamed as “The Bush Shoe,” “The Bye-Bye Bush Shoe.”

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

2. Debbie Wingham Heels – USD 15.1 MILLION

Pair of Heels comes in second place in the list of top ten most expensive shoes in the world. British designer Debbie Wingham designed these pair of shoes. To create this pair of shoes, Debbie Wingham collaborated with Chris Campbell. A classic pair of heels looking very attractive and trendy. For the making of these shoes, it requires 100 hours. Attractive heels feature three-carat rare pink diamond, one-carat blue diamonds, which alone cost over USD 128k and solid gold zippers and soles, leather painted in 24-carat gold paint, and the stitching done with 18-carat gold thread. Inside, the shoes adorned with gold thread inlay. The shoes were finished with a rose gold accent to give a slight contrast. Leather Arabian jasmine flowers are the final touch.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

1. Jada Dubai And Passion Jewelers Passion Diamond Shoes – USD 23.6 million

Golden color shoes look like Cinderella shoes, which are design with the collaboration of Jada Dubai and passion jewelers, Jada Dubai designs only shoes with diamonds. Diamond Shoes, known as the most famous shoe in the world’s first showcase in iconic Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Shoes made of gold, leather, silk, and Diamond. Colorless 236 diamond of 15 carats D flawless embedded on shoes near toes. Jada Dubai And Passion Jewelers Passion Diamond Shoe came on number one in the list of top ten most expensive shoes in the world. it is the most expensive one and the most pretty one too. Each shoe trimmed with 118 smaller round diamonds and features one of the impressive crowning jewels prong-set near the pointed toe. Even the insoles inscribed in gold.

Top Ten Most Expensive Shoes In The World

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