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Watches are the most famous jewelry that you carry. Any watch looks decent in hand, and the person itself feels much confident. But now it’s a digital era. No one needs to watch; everyone can see time on their digital devices. That is the reason now a day very few people wear watches like me. Everyone has a different taste, like some love to wear traditional watches, and some wear modern watches. And Some of them have object interest; they love to collect observations. And if you are a more affluent person, then you like to wear the most expensive watches that are luxuriant and few articles available in a world. Now in this, we are going to discuss the Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World. Tell us in a comment below which one you like the most.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

10. Hublot Big Bang US$5 million.

One of the other beautiful watches decors with diamonds like other watches in the Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World. It completely diamond-encrusted and has 18k white gold casing and 44mm diameter. The fantastic thing about this watch is it holds a lot of diamond. 179 baguette diamond in Dial and white gold case hold 302 baguette diamond. 782 baguette colorless diamond in a bracelet is enhancing its beauty. 1.06 carat rose cut diamonds in a white gold crown are made this watch more shiny and pretty. In short, this wash made of full of colorless diamonds.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

9. Vacheron Constantin 57260 US$8 million.

Another complicated watch with 57 complications by Vacheron Constantin. Some of the complications are multiple calendars, double retrograde split-second chronograph, and many more. With 2800 parts and look complicated too. It is made with traditional techniques and by a single craftsman — the push-button of the watch enclosed within the white gold casing.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

8. Patek Philippe Ref 1518 US$11.1 million.

This watch has a perpetual calendar with chronograph, and it is the only watch in the Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World list, which has this quality. Philippe REF 1518 has 35mm diameter, manually wound. This watch powered by Valjoux ebauche, modified extensively and expertly. It sold in 2016 in 11.1 million US dollars.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

7. Paul Newman Rolex Daytona US$18 million

The late Paul new man famous American actor wears Rolex Daytona. Newman’s wife Joanne Woodward gave the gift to him. It has the same price as Jacob co billionaire watch. In 2017 is was sold for 17.7 million dollars at auction. This watch is the only watch in this Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World list who has transcended history. Its dial is an art deco style with beautiful silver color and black stripes. This watch has an Americana feel.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

6. Jacob & Co. Billionaire Watch, US$18 million

It made of 260-carat baguette cut diamond with beautiful style rectangle shape watch. For the actual watch, its encasing made of white gold under the diamonds. Personally, one of my favorite watches from the above articles. Even its hour maker also made of gold, and it contains the power to reserve for 74 hours.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

5. Patek Philippe Supercomplication, US$ 24 million.

Quite complicated functionality Patek Philippe pocket watch. This pocket watch name after the Henry graves a banker who commissioned Philippe. The most complicated pocket watch that created with hands made with 18-carat gold. The super complicated function of this stopwatch is it tell sunrise and sunset time. It tells about Westminster chimes, a particular calendar, celestial map of New York, and many more.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

4. Chopard 201 Carat US$ 25 million.

Very colorful watch made with beautiful color diamond just like the Graff diamonds hallucination watch. Chopard watch has a lot of similarities with the Graff watch. At the center, there is 15.37-carat. Beautiful heart-shaped pink diamond and 12.74-carat blue carat diamond. This made with 874 diamond of different colors and shapes. The mind-blowing thing about this watch is that it opens like a spring flower when one presses the spring mechanism.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

3. Breguet No. 160, US$30 million.

Pocket watch, you must be wonder who carries a pocket watch these days. But many of you may be interested in it not because its a pocket watch but just because it was made for French queen Marie Antoinette. And Briquette also watches famous for Queen and also named Marie Antoinette. But sadly, it only completed 34 years after the queen demise; it was stolen from the Jerusalem museum in 1983. Founder of the swatch group order to make the remake of this watch in 2004. The makers are struggles a lot while sketching it again and making it. Finally, after a lot of troubles, they succeeded in the new version of the watch with self-winding. It finished in 2008 and presented in a case of oak. This case oak was taken from the tree under which the queen Marie used to relax in her heyday.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

2. Graff Diamond Fascination US$55Million

One of the other antique watches by Graff diamond has 114-carat colorless diamonds. This decent watch for those who enjoy sparkle and bling. It is a style statement. One thing I love about this watch is its diamond dial, which looks like a tiny dewdrop. The fantastic thing about fascination by Graff diamond is that the dial is removable, and when we remove the dial, it becomes a ring. The remaining portion can use as a bracelet. One watch can use as the ring, and bracelet isn’t that fascinating.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

1. Graff Diamonds Hallucination – US$55

Hallucination by Graff diamond is the list of Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World. Perfect for those who are expensive watch lovers and who love things OTT. The most expensive watch in the word has 110 carats of rare color diamonds. In one of the Graff diamond article, it said that this design was worked open by john Graff himself. He works thousands of hours with gemmologist and artisans. This watch deserves number one due to its beautiful colored diamonds.

Top Ten Most Expensive Watches In the World

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