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Pakistani women love casual jewellery, including silver rings with stones, gold, diamond, and platinum rings. Casual earrings include stone studded, gold, tassel, and hoop earrings, among others. Sometimes casual jewellery includes floral jewellery too. But when it comes to bridal-specific traditional jewellery in Pakistan, all we can imagine is bridal jewellery.

To appear attractive and graceful, no Pakistani bride can break any rules regarding traditional style. Every bride searches for the ideal gown and complimentary traditional jewellery for each event. The Pakistani bride must wear cosmetics and jewellery as part of her bridal attire on her wedding day. Pakistani brides emphasise their looks in the days leading up to their wedding by wearing beautiful jewellery. Her status symbol and individual thought defined by the jewellery she wears. It is an important part of every bride’s outfit since it enhances her appearance and beauty.

Traditional Jewellery in Pakistan | Pakistani jewellery online:-

 Traditional Jewellery saw as an important aspect of a bride in every culture. Pakistani ladies, like any woman, prefer adorning their dresses with stunning jewellery. Pakistani weddings are known for luxury, delectable cuisine, and boundless revelry. When it comes to getting ready for their wedding day, brides take additional measures. It is the one time when all eyes will be on them. The bridal jewellery and dress must be superb and must look good with one another to make the bride seem regal and attractive.

Traditional jewellery includes Matha Patti, wedding rings, white gold rings, bangles, engagement rings, necklaces, earrings, rings, maang tika, the five-ring bracelet known as “panj ungla” in Pakistan, nose ring, Nath, jhoomar, bazu band, and other bridal jewellery items. 

Gold, diamonds, Kundan, silver, platinum, and other materials used, although gold is the most common for brides.

Every bride has her taste and style and wants to look her best on her wedding day. This will have a lasting effect on her. The following is a list of some stunning items of jewellery that every traditional Pakistani woman must wear on her wedding day.

Nose Ring – Pakistani jewellery online:-

There is no way a bride can be perfect without a nose ring. Every bride’s traditional symbol is a nose ring, stud, or a ring with hefty chains. You can wear it in gold on any of your special occasions. Pakistani brides are now wearing this traditional jewellery piece on their Nikkah and their Barat.

Matha Patti Pakistani jewellery online:

One of the most beautiful pieces of jewellery that will look great with a bridal look. Matha Patti can be made of gold, Kundan, or stone that matches your whole jewellery collection and is fashionable. Pakistani brides wear these things to complement their facial features and hairstyles. Moreover, Matha Patti gives you a royal look as Mughal Era inspires it. You may even have a regal outfit with a one, two, or three-layer Matha Patti.

Choker & Long Necklace – Pakistani jewellery online:

It is, without a mistrust, the most significant piece of jewellery for the bride because it covers your neck, and the matching one with your gown enhances your whole look even more. Many jewellery designers are re-creating vintage items, which are becoming increasingly popular among Pakistani brides. Chokers, short heavy necklaces, lengthy haar-like necklaces, and other neck items have come back. We believe this traditional jewellery is an excellent choice for any bride concerned about her wedding.


Every bride loves to spend money on jewellery, so she carefully examines each piece. Brides prefer to wear at their weddings the same way they prefer to wear on their jhoomar. The polka and gold-style jhoomar is said to have a Mughal-era feel. Nowadays, brides wear jhoomars on their Nikkahs and a nose ring, which complements their gown. If you are uncomfortable with jhoomar, you should wear bindiya to look more fashionable.

Earrings – Traditional Jewellery in Pakistan:-

A woman isn’t considered a full bride if she doesn’t wear earrings. On Nikkah, Mehndi, Barat, and Walima, light gold jhumkas, flower earrings, moon-type earrings, and appealing light-coloured earrings are becoming increasingly fashionable. You can choose between a huge, substantial coat and a lighter garment. The diamond, gold, and stone studded earrings complement any attire. Don’t be scared to take chances to make your wedding unique.

Kangan & Bangles – Traditional Jewellery in Pakistan:-

Bangles and Kangan are a must-have for any bride. Many jewellery item selections are available for your big day, such as bangles; however, if you don’t want to wear bangles, the Kangan alone must be the best option. On Mehndi, Kundan bangles are popular, whereas gold bangles are popular on Barat. Concerned about Reception? Invest in some silver or diamond bracelets. Also, some brides prefer to wear only vibrantly coloured glass bangles at their wedding.

Rings – Traditional Jewellery in Pakistan:-

Girls wear rings every occasion, whether it’s a wedding or not. Rings of various hues offer a dazzling touch to the bride’s beauty, which is an important component of your wedding. Matching these accessories to your wedding gown is unnecessary, but they should enhance your overall look.


In Pakistan, a bride’s appearance determined by her wedding gown and jewels. They choose to wear traditional jewellery in Pakistan, which is well-known throughout the world, and even people from other countries wear this traditional jewellery on important occasions. This post is for you if your wedding is approaching and you plan to purchase such gorgeous jewellery pieces.

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