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Type of Laser Treatment for Face – How Laser Treatment Works on Skin & What is Newest Laser Treatment for Face?



Laser surgery or cosmetic procedures are quite in nowadays. Reading or making yourself aware of these surgeries is not a hard thing. One should know about it before going or making mind about this. In this article, we will discuss the Type of laser treatment for face. So that our readers can get a grip on that, now first look discuss what laser is!

Laser Treatment in General:

Laser word is a short-form or the acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. More like you can say a single wavelength or one color light sourced from high energy light focused on transmitting accurately on a very small area or part of the body.

There are two kinds of laser treatment for the face: Ablative, while the other is Non-ablative Laser.

Both of these two types are used for cosmetic procedures.

Ablative Laser:

 Ablative laser is a procedure where top layers of damaged skin are vaporized. 

Type of laser treatment for face

Non-Ablative Laser:

In Non Ablative laser procedure, the laser is transmitted to deeper skin without removing or damaging top layers.

Type of Laser Treatment for Face

Type of Laser Treatment for Face – How Laser Treatment Works on Skin

So far, we have discussed what laser is and the Type of laser treatment for face. Now we will talk about how Actually Laser works?

Lasers Work: 

Lasers are monochromatic, driven from words mono means single or one, and chroma means color. Monochromatic lights are single-color lights that emit one wavelength of light. Lasers applied through a process which is called selective photothermolysis. Photothermolysis works in cosmetics. This fancy word means to modulate the frequency of light and to produce heat on the specific area of skin that you want to destroy. Laser work is done when the light beam syncs with the color and targets the skin area, no matter if that’s a brown spot, broken capillaries, or any other skin issue. This synchronization is very important.

Different types of Lasers:

There are so many kinds of lasers; there are so many that there are two categories, but these two categories are further broken down into subcategories. Now literally a hundred variations and brands come to this sub classification. 

The difference between these lasers is due to the difference between their wavelengths. , the difference of wavelength in laser, aka colors of lights, targets different skin issues. That’s why so many varieties of lasers are needed to treat various skin issues. For this, there are types of lasers for the face too. Your doctors may recommend a combination of several different lasers that may address all your problems. If we go into detail, these laser types and their discussion will be quite lengthy, technical, and confusing for you all.

So let’s focus on skin issues and the best-treated Type of laser treatment for face. 

Type of Laser Treatment for Face

Type of laser treatment for face:

Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

Fine lines and wrinkles are almost issues of the young generation too, just because of stress, tension, bad eating habits, and no proper sleep. To treat these lines and wrinkles combination of two types of lasers should be done. One is skin resurfacing, and the second is skin tightening. Both lasers should be done with an aggressive ablative laser such as CO2 laser or Erbium. Co2 laser is used to remove warts and skin tags and is also used to cut the skin in laser-assisted surgeries. Pulsed dye lasers have also given some success with less aggressive non-laser light treatment, which is IPL and LED known as photo facials. (The CO2 laser is the Newest Laser Treatment for Face, which is used very short pulsed light energy or continuous light beams that are produced in a scanning pattern to lift thin layers of skin with insignificant heat damage.)

Skin tightening treatment: 

The cosmetic laser process provides some superficial tightening to get a controlled skin injury as it produces and increases the collagen production in the skin. To have more significant or prominent results for skin tightening, CO2 lasers are always your choice. Recently, a significant result has been obtained, which was successful by using non-lasers, light-based light-based treatments known as Titan infrared devices, and Thermage Radio frequency-based, frequency-based system.

Pigmented lesions:

In the cosmetic laser industry, commonly used laser treatment is done for pigmented lesions. This is to be used for sunspots, age spots, melasma, and much other hyperpigmentation. Fraxel is a Fractional laser with non-laser light-based treatment that is IPL is ideal.

Precancerous Lesions:

All over the world, surgeons agree and suggest removing the cancerous lesions with the scalpel. Scalpel is a surgery done with a knife. Removal of cancerous lesions with scalpel gives clear borders for the complete removal. This also helps pathologists making sure about skin cancer and its clear margins regarding what the lesion is. To remove precancerous growth known as actinic keratoses. Lasers are used regularly as a precautious measure. To do this, Ablative laser-like CO2 and Erbium are used to remove these cancerous lesions.

Vascular Lesions:

We have vascular lesions that happen when blood vessels are broken on the face. Spider veins on legs, hemangiomas, and some birthmarks such as port-wine stain and other types of skin irregularities. There are pulsed dye and diode lasers for these lesions, but the commonly chosen treatment is IPL.


For the removal of tattoos, especially from face switched lasers are used, which have quality results. 

Hair Removal:

 Have a hairless face is a new trend in the cosmetic industry. Ladies and even gents apply numerous products to get this result, but that is a slow process, and people want instant results. The safest and successful way of hair removal is a laser that is highly dependent on the pigment on the skin and hair type of patient. For the patient with darker skin, diode lasers are often used, and for the patient with light skin tone, IPL is effective.

Acne and Its Scars: 

The nightmare of every single person is Acne. First, you can’t get rid of it, and if you succeeded, acne scars are always there to remind you that you still need treatment. Acne scars that deeply penetrate the skin can be treated by CO2 laser, and sometimes non-ablative Laser has shown success for rigid acne scarring. LED technology is best so far and one of the best types of laser treatment for the face to treat active acne.

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