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The Complete Derm-Approved Guide of How to Use Vitamin E Oil For Shiny, Healthy Nails



In this article, we will see about what is vitamin oil, vitamin E oil benefits, the side effect of vitamin oil for nails, and lastly nails products that contain vitamin oil. Whether you are a house wife or a job holder, every woman cares about their hands and want them to look pretty. And your hands can’t look pretty without your nails care. Nail care at home or the salon is incomplete without vitamin E oil. Majority of beauty conscious girls like me must know about vitamin E importance for nails.

Vitamin E oil not just hydrates your nails but also help in strengthening, and protecting nails. These days if you see hands cream or nail protecting cream, you will found Vitamin E oil in these kinds of products ingredients. To help you discover all the benefits of vitamin E oil, we have consulted with a dermatologist to uncover how and why to bother to use vitamin E oil.


vitamin E oil benefits

What is this Vitamin Oil?

Before knowing vitamin E oil benefits and side effects firstly let’s know about what exactly the vitamin oil is? According to dermatologist vitamin E oil is best antioxidant to help to protect skin against free radical damage to the nails. Vitamin E is the best hydrator for nails. This oil helps in healing both the plates, and the surrounding of nails skin mean cuticles.

If we define vitamin E in scientific term, it’s a fat-soluble vitamin that comes in many forms. Oil has been used in many products most probably you might already be using it without even realizing it. In scientific term, it’s known as alpha-tocopheryl. There is a different type of vitamin E the most popular one is vitamin E in skincare is tocopherol and tocopheryl acetate. Tocopherol has also had variation like alpha, beta, gamma etc., but the most effective one is gamma and delta.

All in all, vitamin E help to fight off invading bacteria and viruses. It also helps to widen blood vessels to help the body and nails work its best. Vitamin E makes nails strong and healthy and saves your nails from dryness, rigidness and brittle.

vitamin E oil benefits

Vitamin E Oil Benefits

Below are few vitamin E oil benefits

  • It helps to hydrates your nails, as I told you before that this oil is super hydrating. Not just skin our nails also need moisture to stay healthy, strong and good looking. Vitamin E is the soluble nutrient which helps to increase moisture to the nail bed and cuticles to rejuvenate and restore dry cuticles.
  • Since the vitamin oil is a form of the vitamin, it naturally nourishes the nails dermatologist explain that nails are created by dead keratin cells and these cells supported by the accumulation of blood flow filled with vitamins. And the dead keratin cells need to receive a regular amount of blood supply that contains vital nutrients for strong and healthy nails.  Vitamin E provides the blood with the right amount of nutrients which help in the steady growth of all nails components.
  • Vitamin E help to maintain healthy nail; it provides all the necessary benefits you need to grow healthy, long nails. A dermatologist explains there is nothing more beneficial like vitamin E for nails and cuticle. Because it helps in strengthen the nails and add hydration to nails. It also helps in preventing cracked cuticle and dry skin around the nail.
  • There is no dought that some nail polish and nail remover can damage to the nails. Fortunately, vitamin E oil protects against that kind of damage. This oil can help to reverse the damage that is caused because of nail polish remover and nail polish.
  • Vitamin E helps to eliminate yellowing of the nails. Sometimes your nails turn yellowish because of continuous use of nail polish and nail polish remover. Vitamin E can help to fade that yellowish nails colour. But if you found your nails excessively yellow, then it can be a fungal infection which vitamin E does not rid. If your nails are in this condition, go and see the doctor.
  • Vitamin E oil acts as an antioxidant; it defends against free radical damage on your nails. This is a kind of protective barrier for the nails.

vitamin E oil benefits

Side Effect of Vitamin Oil for Nails

The central solicitude surrounding vitamin E oil is its interaction with blood thinners, statins, and some chemotherapy drugs, as it can drive to an raised risk of bleeding. But, according to  MSK Cancer Center, this broadly pertains to oral portions of the vitamin. Nevertheless, if you’re undergoing any of these ways, it’s best to discuss with your doctor before adding vitamin E oil to your daily routine. 

Nails Products That Contain Vitamin Oil

  • Londontown Kur Nourishing Cuticle Oil – $18
  • Mario Badescu Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E – $8
  • Beekman 1802 Pure Goat Milk Cuticle Serum – $20
  • Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Oil – $20
  • Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil – $5.99
  • Nails Inc. Superfood Repair Oil Hydrating Nail Treatment $15


People who wash their hands more frequently their nails and cuticle become drier and weaker. They must use vitamin E oil for hydration and strengthen their nails for applying vitamin E slip it on a pair of cotton gloves to lock it in while you go about your day. Best time for nails treatment is before going to bed.


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