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What are The Best Way to Remove Facial Hairs – Waxing, Shaving, Laser, and Sugaring



When hairs grow on the face, usually on cheeks, chin, and upper lips region, it’s called facial hairs. Hair growth occurs due to hormonal changes; it may be caused by genetic issues. Women develop excessive body or facial hairs to higher-than-normal levels of androgen, including testosterone. Certain medical diseases can cause a woman to produce too many androgen. Women with extra facial hair feel very hesitant and try to remove them. Now the question arises what are the best way to remove facial hairs? There are plenty of ways to remove facial hairs; we will discuss a few of these here. Shaving, waxing, plugging, picking, threading, sugaring, and the laser is the primary method of hair removal.

What are The Best Way to Remove Facial Hairs – Waxing, Shaving, Laser, and Sugaring

If you are also searching or looking for an answer to what is the best way to remove facial hairs, then you are at the right place to read a complete article and know the best ways to remove facial hairs. 


Every one of us has already shaved face or legs or arms hairs. It’s probably the cheapest and easiest way to remove facial hair. When you do shave, what you do is cut. And your shaver cut your hair in an Oblique way but not in a 90 degree. It’s the most common myth that when you shave your hairs, it’s grow thick: No! It’s just a physical illusion. What only happens is when you obliquely cut your hairs, you have the impression it looks bigger and thicker, instead of if you would shave it just like 90 degrees, it will not give this expression.

what are the best way to remove facial hairs

Disadvantages of Shaving

When you cut your hairs at the same time, they grow out at the same time. So you suddenly think it grows out much quicker all together all at once and thicker. So shaving is a very easy method to get rid of extra hair very quickly. But unfortunately, the hair grows out quickly.

Some of the girls who have massive hair grow on the legs; you know this situation well. After shaving the next day, you feel stubbly legs. Therefore, it is a secure method, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last so long.

Another problem of shaving is the razor bumps. What does it mean? It means extra cells can develop on top, and there is kind of closing the cutting part. We call it in growing hairs. So suddenly, after shaving, you create a kind of really a pimple because, with the cutting from here, you get the inflammation down there. So, therefore, after a while of shaving, some of you girls probably have some problems in certain areas because most of the time you didn’t maybe wash it well, or you put a very fatty cream on the top.

So to avoid the huge pimples, try to wash your area where you want to shave it. And afterward apply the very light gel, a kind of gel which is antibacterial to reduce a type of coverage. So never use oil because if you are using oil, you are developing a glasshouse problematic where the bacteria can overgrow. So for all you who are shaving certain parts of bodies, try to wash your legs very well and then shave it and then use a light lotion.

Sugaring or Waxing or Plugging

It is more or less the same method even plugging in the same method. Why because you just take the hair, including the hair bulk outright. So if you do this what is happening, when you pluck the hair, you have an empty area (kind of a huge gap). So when you haven’t washed the threading area well, then all the bacteria on the surface of the skin can go inside. And it will develop a pimple afterward, so if your plugging, makes sure to wash and disinfect the eyebrows.

There are some areas where it’s not possible to do plugging each by each so you can use wax. So what you do with waxing is you glue all the hairs together with the wax and take it out, including the bug. The benefit of waxing is that the hair doesn’t grow out so quickly anymore. So you have more time, it’s great for legs and a certain area of the body.

what are the best way to remove facial hairs

Disadvantages of Waxing

While waxing or Plugging, hairs can cut off at or beneath the skin surface, which can cause itchiness or redness or cause inflammation. Infected skin can become more infected after waxing or Plugging.


The laser is the energy; laser hair removal is the medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove unwanted hairs. How laser hair removal work? While laser hair removal process, a laser emits a light consumed by the pigment in the hair. The light energy transformed into heat, which breaks the tube-shaped sacs within the skin called hair follicles that create hairs. This damage hinders or prevents future hair growth.

Some of you think that laser is a permanent hair removal method, but it’s not true. Laser hairs delay hair growth for a longer period, but it does not result in permanent hair removal. For initial hair removal, Multiple laser hair removal treatments are needed. Laser treatments are best for people who have light skin and dark hair. Laser method doesn’t for all skin type the best way to find that laser hair removal work for you or not; just pluck your hair, then put that hair on white paper, and if the hair root is dark, then its perfect the laser hair removal work for you. And if you don’t see the hair root believe me the laser will not see it as well

what are the best way to remove facial hairs

Disadvantages of Laser

It can cause redness, swelling, and itching. Treated skin may get itchy, swollen, and red, and that can produce severe acne infection. In the worst-case, Laser can also change the skin color and cause scarring.


At the starting of this article, we start finding what are the best way to remove facial hairs here is the answer. The best way to remove your hair for a more extended period, a laser is the best method. This method costs the most, but it’s a long term method. But if you think it will remove your hairs permanently, so guys don’t over imagine. There is nothing permanent on this earth. So even with laser, your hair will grow back but not in a week, not in a month but probably after a couple of years. But yet it might really grow back but very light. After years you might have to redo it.

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