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What Not To Eat After a Workout and What To Eat After Workout



You have finished a great workout, and you are feeling down, and you are ready for little fuel. Because you have worked really hard and you just busted your booty now, you must be moving to compensate yourself with whatever foods you want. But according to research that selecting a wrong post-gym meal can undo you all hard you put in. So you must be wondering what the foods that are not good are or what to eat after work out. That’s what we are going to discuss today. What to eat after work out and what not to eat after a workout.

So after the workout, our goal should be to re-hydrate ourselves, keeping the metabolism up, and replenish the body glycogen. But there are foods that we take after the workout that can dehydrate us, and worse case is, it slows down the metabolism and inhibit other essential functions. And in short, you don’t get the benefits of the workout.

What Not To Eat After a Workout and What To Eat After Workout

So before knowing what to eat after a workout, let’s know about What Not To Eat After a Workout. Most of you must be wonder after seeing the list What Not To Eat After a Workout because they seem healthy foods. Before writing this article, we consulted with the trainers to help us out and guide us properly about foods. Keep scrolling and learn what to eat after work out and What Not To Eat After a Workout.

What Not To Eat After a Workout

5 Foods You Must Never Eat After a Workout

  • Oily Food
  • Nuts and Nut Butter
  • Red Meat
  • Coffee
  • Sugar Filled Smoothies

Oily Food

Food like coconut oil, junk food, French fries, and other high fats food must be looking healthy fat sources, but actually, these foods create problems after the workout. Consuming fat- exercise slows down the rapid digestion your body experiences. The trainer tells us that it takes nine calories of energy for our body to digest one gram fat.

What Not To Eat After a Workout

Nuts and Nut Butter

Most of us believe, even I think that nuts are edible at any time you can take. But that’s not true, consuming protein after your workout is great but not if it comes with high levels fat. Because raw nuts or nut butter like cashew butter, almond contain high-level fat. As I mentioned earlier, that high-level fats slow down the digestive system. So avoid high-level fats like nuts after workout or gym. Another way nuts are a great snack option.

What Not To Eat After a Workout

Red Meat

Well, that drenched fat we contain not only slows down metabolic function but also harms learning and memory within ten minutes, says, trainer. This is particularly troubled because your workout just did so much to improve brain function. Department of Exercise Science at the University of Georgia research shows that even 20 minutes of exercise accelerates information meting out and memory. The very operation a plate of red meat can undo.

What Not To Eat After a Workout


Well, well, well, who doesn’t drink coffee after the workout, and after consulting with the trainer when I came to know coffee is not right after the workout, I was shocked. Like me, many of you must reach coffee after the morning workout. So what does coffee does if we consume after a workout, well it dehydrates us. Adding something like coffee after an exercise can dehydrate us more. So stick to water. (Consuming alcohol after working out will have the same negative effect.)

What Not To Eat After a Workout

Sugar Filled Smoothies

Workout and smoothie sound very healthy and refreshing, right? But according to the trainer, it’s not as robust as it seems. Some smoothies are great after a workout like a protein-packed, fiber-filled machine can lift your energy and benefit replenish some of the vitamins you need. But the majority of us consuming wrong kinds of smoothies, think about that taking 600 calorie berry smoothies after 300 calories burn workout. Does it sound good? Well, it’s not. The trainer tells us that after a workout you need H20 and electrolytes to re-hydrates, not fructose and sugary smoothies which are counterproductive to your workout.

What Not To Eat After a Workout

5 Foods that are good After a Workout

  • Banana
  • Clean Protein
  • Starches
  • Salmon
  • Rice


Like I mentioned above that high sugar smoothies are not right after a workout. You must be wondering then why banana. Well, banana is the best thing you can eat after the workout because it is rich in potassium and carbs. And both potassium and carbs are needed to be replenished.

What Not To Eat After a Workout

Clean Protein

Digesting protein is the number one best thing to consume after a workout. A protein needs to be replenished after the exercise, and it also helps to build lean muscle. You can have protein powder after the workout, it’s the best form of protein and get into your bloodstream quickly and into your tissue. It quickly helps the recovery process. If you don’t eat animal foodstuffs, try a pea protein supplement. It’s rich in iron and benefits with muscle growth, weight loss, and heart health.

What Not To Eat After a Workout


Starches carbs are the best idea to accompany your protein source. You can take corn, rice, or potatoes, which contain maltodextrin. This multifarious carbohydrate is engrossed directly through the gut and benefits the body to digest the protein quicker without the potential for fat increase.

What Not To Eat After a Workout


Salmon has countless benefits like it helps to lower the blood pressure. It is a healthy source of fats, vitamins, and minerals. Salmon is not just good for health but also good for the skin. It’s one of the best anti-inflammatory foods, and last but not least, it’s good for weight loss.

What Not To Eat After a Workout


After the workout, rice is a good source of energy & fiber and also safe for people with food sensitivities. Rice is an exceptional root of vitamins and minerals.

What Not To Eat After a Workout


So what to eat after a workout? The best answer is a piece of wild-caught salmon followed by rice and banana-based green smoothies. If you want to know about green veggies smoothies or smoothies that are good after work, tell us in a comment.

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