Why Rolex Is So Expensive? What Is So Special About Rolex Watches



Why Rolex is so expensive here we gonna find the answer, before that lets know about Rolex history. Rolex is the first name in luxury watches for a reason; their commitment to craftsmanship and design have made them desirable to the world. Two wealthiest classes for more than 100 years, in 1902 Rolex founded by Hans Wilsdorf and his brother in law Alfred Davis.

As Wilsdorf and Davis, they founded the watchmaking company in London. where they specialized in importing Swiss mechanics—and then placing them in quality watch cases made by British companies, the duo distributed the timepieces to jewelers that added their names to the wristwatches. Then in 1908, they decided on the name Rolex because Wilsdorf wanted his brand to be easily pronounced in any language. More than a century later, Rolex responsible for most of the significant innovations of luxury watches and managed to make more than 7 billion dollars a year in sales. Still, the question remains why Rolex is so expensive?

Why Rolex Is So Expensive? What Is So Special About Rolex Watches

 Why Rolex is so expensive To answer this question, we first need to establish precisely how expensive Rolexes are the Swiss brand is responsible for the third. Eighth most costly watches in the world a Rolex Paul Newman Daytona sold in 2017 for seventeen point seven five three million dollars for eighteen point five million. When adjusted for inflation after 12 ticks of opening, the watch sold to a bidder on the telephone.

This watch set a new record for the most expensive price ever reached for a wristwatch at auction. From all over the world, 400 plus people gathered at Phillips’s New York headquarters at 57th and parked avenue for the winning icons auction.  

The next most expensive Rolex was sold in 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, for 5.9 three million. Of course, we can’t forget to mention that the seller of this watch john Goldberger graciously donated it to be auctioned with all proceeds going to the charity children’s action.

why Rolex is so expensive

What Is So Special About Rolex Watches

Still, these watches in question are more valuable and why Rolex is so expensive because they are rare vintage watches made in 1968 and 1970, respectively, making them extraordinarily collectible. So how expensive is the average Rolex watch the oyster perpetual is the lowest priced model of Rolex, and it cost a little over five thousand dollars. Its essential to understand that this is an entry-level price for the wristwatch there on the $10,000, including the explorer at the cost of six thousand five hundred and fifty. The Datejust – for nine thousand the submariner at a starting price of seven thousand five hundred and the mill was for seven thousand six hundred and fifty.

why Rolex is so expensive

For the average person, this may seem like a lot of money because seven thousand could serve as the down payment on a car or luxurious vacation. Still, these entry-level watches are not representative of the higher end. Rolex which regularly sell for more than twenty-five thousand dollars. This cost can be explained in several ways.

Rolex watches cost a lot of money to design Rolex has an exceptional internal analysis and advancement department. They have several expert labs and types of equipment where researchers and scientists work on new Rolex watches. Rolex has to assure that they have the best team in these labs and facilities.

why Rolex is so expensive

Things To Know About How Rolex Makes Watches

Rolex has invested many thousands of dollars before a watch ever goes to market. Rolex states that it can take up to a year to build a Rolex movement. And the bezel alone takes 40 hours to perfect. Every single Rolex part made to perfection without any compromise.

To achieve this level of achievement, you need time and great attention. To detail next to the material themselves for its watches, Rolex uses nine o41 steel, which is particularly difficult to mold. This steel is more costly than most other types through its undoubtedly to better looking.

No other watch manufacturer uses this kind of steel, which makes the Rolex watch unique. This material is more corrosion and rust-resistant, and its also harder than different types of steel. Aside from this steel Rolex is also renowned for its use of gold Rolex is touted as being the only watchmakers to produce their gold.

why Rolex is so expensive

Rolex is the state of the art

This is what explains why some gold models feature on lists of the top 10 watch brands in the world. Usually refines 24 karat gold into 18 karats yellow-white or ever rose gold for their products. Besides, Rolexes guaranteed to tell time accurately.Rolex watches and not just certified as a chronometer by independent Swiss chronometer examining institute COSC. They are experimented a second time by Rolex to receive the title of champion.

 Chronometer every automatic watch that leaves Rolex is the state of the art producer is correct to plus or minus two instants a day a tolerance rate that surpasses the already stringent. Strand of the independent COSC tests of plus or minus four-second per day and all of the minute moments still assembled by hand. Even though Rolex makes extensive use of robots for production, the tasks performed by the machines, robots are simple ones. These include sorting cataloging and filing; in fact, watch movements and bracelets usually hand-assembled. Before watches sent to cos c4 chronometer certification. They often double-checked and tested by humans to ensure high quality. 

why Rolex is so expensive

This is even more remarkable, considering that Rolex produces between 800,000 and 1 million watches a year. By creating so many pieces in the house, Rolex can restrain the stock and assure that every piece held to the same stern standard. It also allows Rolex to be genuinely independent since they aren’t reliant on other companies and manufacturers for their parts too.

Rolex submariner

These watches hold up under pressure. This all began with Rolex submariner in 1953 with the submariner, a professional dive watch capable of fathoming depths 100 meters opened the hatch on a new underwater world. And become a vital part of the James Bond persona.

why Rolex is so expensive

Today this iconic dive watch is water-resistant to 300 meters. It features a scratch-resistant ceramic insert on the rotating bezel and a cold long-lasting blue luminescence the 40-millimeter steel submariner model with a black sera chroma bezel and black dial retails for $8’000. While a solid white gold submariner with a date window costs $30,000, all Rolex oyster case watches individually tested for water resistance. A watch placed in a small chamber that filled with, and if the pressure changes, then that means air leaked into the case. Rolex runs reach Rolex oyster case watch through this manner.

why Rolex is so expensive

These innovations also make it more comfortable to wear a watch every day and Rolex submariner is also one of the reason why Rolex is so expensive. Rolex also understands the importance of celebrity endorsement. In 1927 the company approached Mercedes glide C, the first woman to swim the English Channel. First lady to swim the Strait of Gibraltar had asked her to wear the new Rolex oyster watch complete with the waterproof case. The swimmer creed and wore it around her neck during an attempt to swim the channel though she didn’t complete the swim on that attempt. Glide sees celebrity status catapulted Rolex his name into the public consciousness. And the Rolex was able to speak up the point that the watch held time even after staying submerged in cold water for hours.

why Rolex is so expensive

Rolex Popularity

Celebrities are one of the reason why Rolex is so expensive. The significantly increased brand awareness, and the public opinion of Rolex is quality. Since then, Rolex has gotten its watches in the hands of many of the world’s most famous and influential celebrities like Brad Pitt, the Dalai Lama Che Guevara, Fidel Castro Mao Zedong, and Drake. Very few qualities unite this group besides their love of quality watches. Thus Rolex benefits from their endorsements, and they didn’t stop there.

why Rolex is so expensive

Buying a Rolex a Good Investment or Not

There’s the big question of buying Rolex a good investment in the past. Certain watches have skyrocketed in value, mostly due to rarity and quality. While others have flatlined over time. We have seen that usually, the best Rolex investment has been in the sports model category. And of these, the Rolex Daytona and Rolex submariner appraisals have both worked well over time special edition. Those in limited supply have also seen the cost of the initial investment performed well over time.

For example, the Rolex Hulk Submariner, the Rolex GMT master to Batman and the Rolex deep sea blue discontinuation of a model also increase the value of a Rolex investment. Mainly when there have limited numbers produces a recent example of this was the Rolex sea dweller 4000, which was not overly simplified while in production. But with the short production run of only four years.

This continuation instigated a rush of buyers into the market, trying to snap up the last available models because with the low volumes produced. The value of the Rolex sea dweller would increase for the year to come. No data is comparing the inflation of a watch value versus the stock market or other equities like gold. But its safe to say that you shouldn’t count on a Rolex paying for your retirement.

why Rolex is so expensive

Rolex a Good Investment or Not

 Most owners hope to break even on their purchase after owning it for several decades. Experts agree that you should only buy a Rolex. If you genuinely desire one, not if you consider it a long term investment as with other luxury brands.

Rolex also depends on the idea of scarcity. If there were plentiful Rolex on sale on every street corner, their perceived value would decrease significantly. As a result, Rolex tries to limit the number of watches They produce and even buy back their products to cut down on the second-hand market. In fact, in recent years, Rolex has been facing a shortage of its products. This mostly has to do with the scarcity of metals that they depend on for their products. The chronic lack of steel sport watches from Rolex and Patek Phillipe in u.s. Health cent retail sells of precious metal watches soaring in the first half of 2019.

why Rolex is so expensive

 The deficiency of many steel models has had a positive influence on precious metal models. Told an expert we see sustained demand for steel sport models from many of the leading luxury watch brands. Which can’t keep making at a high enough level to meet amazing consumer interest. However, Rolex has been around for over a century. And they won’t let this metal shortage put a damper on their profits at the end of the day. I hope you get the answer of why Rolex is so expensive now its your turn to decide for themselves. If the Rolex worth the expensive cost & why Rolex is so expensive? and let us now in a comment

why Rolex is so expensive






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